As a real estate professional in a fast paced market, the stress levels of the job can be overwhelming at times. I learned about the Stress Less Workshops by word of mouth through another agent in our market. After enrolling in the course, I gained a key awareness of how my stress system worked and what was going on in my life that activated my stress system. Now, even months after completing the workshop, I still use what I have learned to keep a low level of stress when a trigger arises.

I highly recommend looking to this company for insight on how to find your balance and relax. A+.

Aaron S.


We are a small art studio that had four assistants, one was very toxic and we were having a hard time dealing with the continuing attitude problems and decreasing morale.

Stress Less showed us how to plan our steps so we would be able see through the drama and be able to focus on our business. The program also showed us how to logically control the situation and reduce our stress. Our coach worked with us when the time came to make a change and gave us the best chance of permanent positive growth.

We continue to use the skills Stress Less taught us and the stress levels have decreased.

John & Debbie B.

Co-Owners, Art Studio

I had been experiencing debilitating stress for years. I just couldn’t get a handle on it, and it was effecting my relationship with my coworkers and really the relationship with myself. I hadn’t realized just how stress affected me, but now I do! I went through the on-line program and it really rocked my world.

The way that stress in my life was explained to me by the coaches rang true for me on many levels. Each week I felt myself changing and life getting clearer to me. The tools they taught me enabled me to do the work myself in changing my stressors.

I am happy to report that I am sleeping better, I am calmer on a consistent basis, people are commenting on how my demeaned has changed, and it has. I am most grateful to know that I’m not nuts and that I’m not alone in how I get stressed out!

Cathy W.

Manager, Martial Arts School

Re: Wow, a program that changed my life!

What an impressive workshop! After registering for the Stress Less program, I became concerned that I would not have time available due to staffing shortages and some new deliverables. Once I began with the first one-hour workshop, I realized that this would be time well spent, and will change my life. I enjoyed what I learned from each workshop and found myself looking forward to my next.

The consultants guided us through each workshop in a very personable and relaxing manner, and they truly cared about what they were doing. The training was very well organized, and although I was aware of the different concepts individually, aggregating and layering these concepts into the Stress Less Workshops really made sense. The delivery method was great and I was able to use this time wisely by applying these concepts and exploring how they related to me.

Although stress is inevitable, in a few short workshops this quality program has helped me begin to build a firm foundation for a new way of thinking and controlling how I deal with the stress surrounding me.

Thanks for these great tools.

Anthony, R.

Compliance Consultant, A National Bank

Deployments, PCS (Permanent Change of Station), Temporary Duty; being away from my family for extended periods of time, are all the demands of military life. I noticed that more and more stress was creeping into my life. I was introduced to Stress Less Workshops by a family member and it is really a helpful program.

I am proud to serve my country. I enjoy my military life and being able to manage my stress the way the Stress Less Workshops taught me.  It is a lifetime skill and has some great rules to live by, my family and I use them on a daily basis.

Stephen B.

Petty Officer 2nd Class, USN

I was unknowingly under a lot of stress. I have my own business, my husband’s health has become more and more challenging, and my grown children were in need of a lot of time and assistance. When I attended the first session on-line I thought it was unique approach to managing stress and it would be really helpful for my husband and my kids to take. That was my problem! I was so busy taking care of others that I was very out of touch with my own needs. The Stress Less trainer helped me by having me focus on me and not those in my life that I thought were the cause of my stress.

 I’m so glad I stuck with the training and found that I was learning some really cool stuff that was helping me see clearly what I need to do to manage my life. I finished the workshop about 5 months ago and I grow more and more each day! The way they set up the training really hit home and helped me take on the new skills easily.

Thank you for my new life, working my business, sick husband, needy children and all!

Katie M.

Owner, Physical Therapy Business

As a business owner, and a person involved in community affairs, I find that I live in a world of constant stress; that gets worse towards the end of the quarter or when other deadlines loom.

Although I had tried different methods to control, or at least mitigate my stress, and although some things helped in the short term, nothing seemed to work in the long term. From Katie, I learned about Mind-Body Bridging and how it is used in Stress Less Workshops and decided to take her course.

Wow is all that I can say. This is the first time that a stress reduction program worked both in the short term and long term for me. The principal concepts are so clear, logical, and easily understood! This program certainly did not get rid of outside stress, but it most certainly taught me how to deal with it.

Dan H.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

What a great program you have introduced me to! I never knew the connection of my body reactions and my thoughts. I took the 4 week Stress Less course and can now say that I have a real working knowledge of the life skills you taught me and I am getting to know myself more and more every day.

Thanks for the introduction to this journey, the lights are on and somebody is home – ME!

Lynda R.

Software Design and Sales

I was at a very bad time in my life. It seemed that every day things were piling up, I was not sleeping, feeling stressed, and generally lost in a fog of unending scenarios out of my control. A friend recommended Stress Less to me so I contacted her, and what a difference it has made in my life!

After being enlightened through the program as to what I was doing, and learning how to handle it more productively, I was able to start to live my life without the stress and doubt that I had before. It was really life changing in a relatively short period of time, and I have recommended Stress Less to my friends, family, and people I know.

Robert F.

General Manager, Retail Store

I was having such problems with my new daughter-in-law, I was thinking and saying things that just weren’t like me.

Through Stress Less, I learned how to notice and defuse the thinking that was causing so much damage to my relationship with my daughter-in-law. I learned that it was me and not my daughter-in-law that was causing me such distress. Stress Less taught me some really easy tools to use anytime, to stay out of the stress cycle. Do not pass up the opportunity to attend Stress Less Workshops because it will change your life and your family’s life!

Pam PC


Stress Less Workshops offers techniques to help you get at the root of what is generating your stress, how to defuse stress inducing thoughts, and to calm your mind and body. You will explore your “requirements” or values and determine if/how these feed/nourish your chronic stress mode. It is helping me to identify and separate from situations that I have no control of and to function at a higher cognitive level.

Thanks Stress Less!

Linda B.

Children’s Hospital