Garbage Eve

Every Wednesday night at about 9pm, I remind my sweetie to take the trash out. It goes something like this…

Me: It’s garbage eve.

Sweetie: Oh, yeah, I gotta take the trash out, ugggggh.

Home Trash

All week, we gather containers of unwanted debris we call trash, we use the good stuff like the banana not the peel, or the milk not the carton, all of the remaining is unnecessary fodder. Unless we want to be featured on the TV show hoarders we must remove all of this collected debris, take it to the curb for removal so we can keep our lives running smoothly.

Head Trash

When it comes to our daily thinking we need to have a similar system. There is a thing called head trash that gets in our way of keeping things clean and clear for living our lives fully. Head trash can be described as thoughts that are not useful to fully living, like that banana peel or the empty milk carton needs to get kicked to the curb once a week. If we hoard those head trash thoughts we end up with a smelly mess that won’t stop stinking.

What if you were to have a head-trash garbage eve? A regular ritual of bagging it up and taking it to the curb.

How to get rid of your head trash is only one of the tools we use at Stress Less Workshops to teach people just like you how to manage their stress. I invite you to try our programs and see what stress management can do for you. – Katie Hoffman

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