The Team

RITEMIND™ Stress Less Workshops 

Katie Hoffman, CMBB, CSMC

Founder and President of Ritemind Stress Less Workshops

Katie Hoffman has made a career of transforming businesses into successful ventures. Her resume ranges from a small business to a thriving company, which provided ingredients to the health food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Throughout her career, she became increasingly aware of the overwhelming impact stress was having in the workplace and dedicated herself to finding a solution. It seemed to touch every company, customers and vendors alike.

After trials with over 1,500 people in all walks of life, Katie developed a step-by-step solution that delivered people out of the throws of stress, and back into a state of increased productivity and greater contentment.

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A Note from Katie:

After personally experiencing how much stress was hindering the quality of life, I was determined to change this variable. Witnessing stress effects in others was even more daunting. I found levels of staff discontent, frustration and paralysis of decision-making skills that were leading to poor business choices, high absenteeism, illness and poor relationships. My passion for remedying this caused me to dig deeper into this epidemic. I realized if we designed a program that incorporated cutting edge psychology, neuroscience and real life experience, we would be able to truly help people from a unique perspective… their own.

Helping people find a better way through the throws of a complex life has become my mission. The Ritemind Stress Less Certified Trainers are part of a powerful and growing team with a passion for helping you incorporate this proven, sensible solution into your life. 

– Katie Hoffman

Donald J. Hoffman

Business Development

Donald has a proven track record of helping grow multiple small companies. He started his career in finance but quickly migrated to sales and marketing and then into operations where he was able to fully utilize his background with regards to corporate direction, growth, and profitability. Through practical experience, he discovered that the key ingredient, in growing a company, and making it profitable, was making sure that the company was totally focused on client wants, needs, and requirements. This is as true with Ritemind Stress Less Workshops as it is with any other company. Through practical experience, he also discovered that negative stress was a serious impediment to the success of virtually every company.

Q: Why are you a fan of Ritemind Stress Less Workshops?

A: Based on the real life experience, through multiple companies, I found that negative stress can create an environment where it becomes more difficult to achieve company goals, profitability, and damages their most important element; people.

Negative stress is a productivity killer; it robs people of their ability to function at their best level. Ritemeind Stress Less Workshops provides a platform which can be used to manage that stress.

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Bob Fitzgerald

Certified Ritemind Stress Less Workshops Trainer, Training & Development

After a distinguished 19 year stint with the Bose Corporation, Bob left to devote all of his time to teaching Ritemind Stress Less Workshops. In total, Bob has over 35 years’ experience in the training and development of employees. He thrives of helping people realize their full potential and was captivated by the capabilities this stress reduction program demonstrated. It has the power to change lives.

Q: Why are you a fan and a trainer for Ritemind Stress Less Workshops?

A: When I was first introduced to Ritemind Stress Less Workshops as a client; I was really stressed out. My job was on my mind 24/7. It affected my sleep, my appetite, and my personal life. Once I took the Ritemind Stress Less Workshop course, I soon found I was sleeping like a baby again. Bottom line… I liked the product so much, I joined the company!

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