Stress Less Workshops has evolved - we have a new name!

Corporate Wellness – Stress Reduction Programs

Stress effects are known to be damaging. According to the World Health Organization stress-related medical costs, absenteeism, and lost productivity cost American businesses $300 billion per year. It is termed the “health epidemic of the 21st Century”.

There has not been a solution until now… until RITEMIND Stress Less Workshops.

We are the proven solution for managing stress effects.

Our Stress Intelligence programs provide the relief both employees and employers want. Incentives don’t solve the problem. Our programs can. Employees can find protect their health, find new confidence, make better decisions, improve their productivity and enhance co-worker relationships and even their relationships at home.

3 Types of Corporate Program Delivery

Business woman.


  • View on demand and on-site
  • Customized for your specific industry
  • Weekly exercises for continued reinforcement
  • On-line support material available to Alumni for 1 year
  • We work with your team to implement the program within your organization 




  • Leadership Customized Webinar Program
  • Sessions typically span 4-6 weeks
  • Cost is based on # of attendees
  • Trainers travel to your location as requested
  • On-site OR via webinar
  • We work with your team to implement the program within your organization



  • Session 1 onsite, Sessions 2, 3, & 4 delivered via webinar
  • Using a combination of both program delivery formats, the program is customized to your company’s needs
  • Special Leadership focus programs available
  • Contents include utilizing generic examples customized to your specific business


  • No personal or business info is required to be exchanged non-voluntarily
  • Specific but generic real life examples utilized to enhance understanding
  • Exercises to enhance progress between class sessions
  • Ask about our webinar programs

Want to learn more?  View our 10 Minute Corporate Introduction

Individual Stress Reduction Programs

Stress squashes your productivity, relationships and health. We’ll successfully guide you through the step-by-step techniques that enable you to manipulate stress back into control.

Our process will allow you to turn up your dial on creativity, clarity, focus and composure. You’ll feel more confident about your decisions, your relationships, and gain a new peace-of-mind.

It’s a revolution of the quiet kind.
A sensible solution that works.


  • Self-directed at your convenience, available 24/7
  • Four, 45-minute sessions. Suggested that each session be taken 1 week apart
  • Support material links delivered after each session
  • Access to Alumni section of the website for downloadable recordings and exercises
  • Available on tablet, computer or laptop viewing

* For best results, please be in a quiet location with no distractions or responsibilities

Program cost: $129.00

For corporate or group rates, contact us at

Once purchased, you will receive the link to begin session #1. All subsequent session links will be provided upon completion of each session.