In the Stress Intelligence App Program, (SI), there are 4 stages of learning, and three ways to take them

(Stages 1-4)

This class includes all four stages of the Stress Intelligence™ (SI) program and is in its original and complete form. Stage 1 begins with the basics of stress, an introduction to SI, and introduces the life skills that are used to build a rested mindset. It continues through the following topics;

Stage 2, “Triggers and Rules”    What are triggers, how to recognize them, and how to immediately lessen their effects.

Stage 3, “The Critic” and Story Lines”   We all have chit-chat from negative thinking. You will learn how to befriend these thoughts and shorten their impact.

Stage 4, “The Perfectionist”    Learn to recognize Perfectionism for what it is. A powerful driver of stressful living.

Next, learn how to reconcile the difference between Perfectionism—-and Excellence.

A Stress Intelligence Certificate of Completion awaits you at the conclusion of your training!


(Stage 1)

This is the heart of the SI program! After introducing the Master Class program, we were asked to break out that part of the program that was a primer on stress management and control.

This is that program!

It is focused on The Stress System, the mind-body mechanical process of stress, the types of stress we experience and how they relate to the Stress System; including the steps you can take to build and live with a rested mindset. You will learn how to “use your mind to change your mind” and create new neuropathways to replace the old pathways that lead to your current experiences with stress.


(Stages 2-4)

After separating out the CORE PROGRAM, and offering it on its own, we decided to offer Stages 2-4 as a separate learning program. Why? Many people, after taking Stage 1, decided that they wanted to continue the process and take a deeper dive in the why’s and what’s of stress. EXPANDED LEARNING includes; (Stage 2) “Triggers and Rules”, (Stage 3) “The Critic”, and (Stage 4) “The Perfectionist”

The EXPANDED PROGRAM broadens the knowledge that you gained in The CORE PROGRAM. It will help you better identify not only what is happening, and how to resolve it, but how and why it is happening.


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When working with organizations, we have often been asked if there is a program in which we begin with a in-person session, and then use the app program to complete the rest of the Stress Intelligence™ curriculum.

The answer is yes; and we call it a “FACILITATED PROGRAM”. In a FACILITATED PROGRAM, one of our coaches does the first level of work at the customer site. Usually, but not always, that on-site presentation consists of the Core Program (Stage 1). Some customers prefer the FACILITATED PROGRAM; as this human introduction can make for a very powerful launch. If you are considering this option, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss it with you. Can we do this at multiple sites? Yes.

If you prefer, we can deliver the entire 4 stage Master Class Program in-person and at customer sites—-but it has been our experience, that doing all on-site teaching is less cost effective than using a FACILITATED or an all app format.

Current information has determined that app-based training has been credibly shown to provide an equal, or better than, level of learning as compared to traditional learning methods; but at a significant cost reduction.

It’s a revolution of the quiet kind.
A sensible solution that works.

Because the value, for a defined FACILITATED PROGRAM, is based on multiple variables, we would normally have a conversation with each customer who is considering this program.

After we have this discussion, we would be pleased to provide you with a quote for the FACILITATED PROGRAM which we discussed.

Of course, we continue to offer virtual training for the SI Program.  As before, it’s available in both 1:1 and group formats.

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DISC Assessment Programs

Stress many parents, and research shows one of these is interpersonal communication where you do not consider the nature of the person you are communicating with. Understanding people is an important consideration when constructing a stress management program.  Given that we teach Stress Intelligence™, we have incorporated DISC behavioral assessments as one of our companion tools and work with TTI as our partner of choice.  We encourage incorporating DISC assessments, for individuals and teams, in conjunction with Stress Intelligence™ training. We would be pleased to have a discussion as to the merits of combining SI training and DISC behavioral assessment reporting.  When you are ready, please feel free to contact us regarding either, or both, Stress Intelligence™ training and DISC behavioral assessments.

TTI Success Insights® DISC

Research shows that one of the leading causes of stress comes from interpersonal communication, one that does not consider the nature of the person you are communicating with. This is where the DISC assessment comes into account.

Understanding an individual’s DISC assessment allows you to understand the best way to communicate with them individually or within a team. And by definition, better communication is foundational in equating to less stress. DISC provides the ability to measure behaviors of the individual or the entire team.

DISC is a widely used behavioral assessment tool, measuring four behavioral styles:

DISC Behavioral Analysis

  • Certified DISC Behavioral Analysts ready to help your team learn how to understand themselves, and how to interact with their team members
  • Can be presented to your team in a variety of ways
  • Commonly used to improve teamwork, lessen stress, and understand communication styles
  • We use the most comprehensive DISC assessment in the market today
  • Provides the ability to measure behaviors of the individual or the entire team

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View a Sample Team Report

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