2013-11-23 – Transform: Change Your Mind & Your Life!

Give Katie Hoffman, Board Certified Mind Body Bridging (MBB) provider and Jen Beck, Registered Nutrition Consultant just one half day and you can…

Free Yourself From Emotional Eating for Good!

Learn tools and processes that enable you to shift your mindset and change your health forever!

Experience the freedom gained from not worrying about your health goal choices.

Learn 3 powerful Mind Body Bridging (MBB) Life Skills, which really work when used appropriately, to defuse sabotaging thoughts and actions. 

Experience how it feels to be in control of your health goals; one decision at a time.

Become familiar with what it’s like to not be haunted by your past behavior.

You will learn…

  • To measure the true level of your health
  • To break the bonds of sugar and other cravings for good
  • To eliminate the internal guilt and judgement that comes every time you step on the scale
  • Keys to shift your mentality from judging and counting every morsel going into your mouth to enjoying each bite as if it is decadent and the best possible fuel
  • Specific skills of mind mapping to handle stress in the moment and avoid the pitfall of emotional eating
  • The most important formula in shifting your mentality
  • To avoid common mistakes that keep you stuck in the perpetual cycle of gaining and losing weight
  • A little used secret that makes your ideal body and True Vitality become a Reality

Seating is limited! We want to keep this to an intimate group so you receive the greatest transformation possible!

Although this program is content-rich, it will not be a ‘sit-and-listen’ experience. You will be actively involved and develop the skills that will lead to your freedom.

You will meet like-minded individuals. This environment will encourage you to create relationships that help you further develop your skills to free yourself from dieting and emotional eating for good!


Katie-Hoffman 125x125Katie Hoffman Katie is the founder and director of StressLess Workshops. With her lifetime of experience, board certified training, and passion in delivering her product, Katie has found her life’s work in helping others find the freedom that living with managed stress can create. If there is one thing Katie would like for you to know, is that her StressLess Workshops are truly “Stronger than Stress”.



Jen Beck Jen Beck Jen Beck is a Registered Nutrition Consultant, Corporate Health Coach, Author and Speaker. She specializes in helping individuals discover, develop, and create their health freedom. She has helped hundreds of individuals to transform their health and shed the unwanted pounds they had been carrying around for years. She presents in an interactive style that is thought-provoking and action-oriented. Jen is passionate about helping you to discover your true vitality filled life!