2013/11/19 – Minding Your Mind Workshop

In the “Mind your Mind” Workshop, Katie Hoffman of StressLess Workshops and Laurie Althaus of Now and Next are partnering to deliver the powerful program of Mind Body Bridging as you learn to apply it to your work and home life. 

Date: Tuesday and Thursday, November 19, 21

Time: 6:30-9:00 PM

StressLess Workshops Teach Life Skills That Can be Used to Reduce Stress

StressLess Workshop’s purpose is to teach a set of Life Skills that can be used to reduce stress and build confidence in individuals, groups, and organizations!  We are dedicated to providing the community with training, in Life Skills, that, when used appropriately, will allow people to better manage their lives.

The format used in teaching StressLess workshops, called “Experiential Learning” (Kolb), was designed for fast learning and high retention! “Experiential Learning” (Kolb) is the secret to the success of StressLess workshops because it results in both a rapid learning pace and a high retention rate. The StressLess workshops program is delivered through once a week,  one hour at a time, sessions with Katie Hoffman.  The program lasts for four weeks with time to reflect upon, internalize, and sustain the knowledge learned.

You will…

  • EXPERIENCE  Mind Mapping, Thought Labeling, and Mindfulness Practices
  • REFLECT upon your experience and observe your thoughts each week
  • TRANSFER what you learn into what you do at home and on the job
  • SUSTAIN the change from what you once knew to what you now know


About Katie

Katie Hoffman is the founder and director of Stress-Less Workshops. With her lifetime of experience, board certified training, and passion in delivering her product, Katie has found her life’s work in helping others find the freedom that living with managed stress can create. If there is one thing Katie would like for you to know, is that her StressLess Workshop is truly “Stronger than Stress”.


Headshot LargeAbout Laurie

Laurie F. Althaus is a business owner and certified Business Coach since 2007. In her clients business her role is as their Personal Coach. She coaches, educates and trains a diverse field of business owners, executives and their teams on how to create success. In their personal life she helps them align their personal goals with the business to create satisfaction. The result of our work is success and satisfaction in life and in business.


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