Now there’s a thought! I don’t know about you, but I have had my spin around the block with trying to be the perfect person. I was a business owner and at home with my young children and I thought “If I going to be a business owner and stay-at-home Mom I am going to be the best business owner and stay-at-home Mom I can be!”

Well, perfection did keep me very busy, but my relationship with the people in my life suffered. The perfect life became the goal. Epic failure… When perfection is the goal, everything else goes by the wayside. All in the name of the seemingly innocent ambition of having the perfect career, family, car, spouse, vacation,  house, suit, car, personal trainer, therapist, nanny or bartender. It can be exhausting and downright stressful! Do everyone in your life a favor, learn to let it go.

Practicing a little mindfulness and gaining a proper perspective in life, can help you get, and keep, your life on a loving and honest track. Being stuck with Stress and unhappiness is certainly within your power, as is the solution.

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