As an individual learner or corporate researcher, I would direct you to the programs page of our website. This is where you can become familiar with our different Stress Intelligence™ programs and how they are taught; including the app programs.

If you look at our app catalog page, you will can take a deeper dive into the three, app-based, programs that we offer. Once you investigate, and then choose, the best one for you or your team, you can book it, enroll in it, and begin. Once registered for the course you can download the mobile app from either the Google or Apple play stores.

If you are considering our training, for your organization or team, we will work with you to streamline the process and we will enroll the group in the program. We will work with you to plan the program launch, set appropriate expectations, and work with you to get everyone enrolled.

Given an agreed to completion date, and generally speaking, each student will proceed at their own pace so they will have completed the program by that date.

Irrespective of the completion date, and whether enrolled individually, or as a group, each individual’s subscription is good for 1 year and each can use the program resources for that time.

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