Managing Your Reactions to Stress!

Managing Your Reactions to Stress!

Are you able to manage your reaction to stress-or do you get debilitated to one degree or another?

If you periodically have difficulty managing your stress, you’re not alone!  You may think that it is your fault–bit it isn’t!

Who trained you in proper stress management? Most answer that questions with a resounding- no one!

Why would we think that we can handle this complicated subject alone? Why?

We were taught, or shown, how to handle lots of things; eating, drinking from a straw, cooking a pop-tart, walking, toilet training, rules of games, manners, school projects, reading, writing, building a fire, and more!  But nobody taught us how to manage stress-because they didn’t know either!

What if a resourceful group of professionals figured out an innovative, and successful, way to teach you how to manage stress? Man, how fast would you sign up to take that training? Would you find value in being a happier and more productive human?

In this technological world, even a comprehensive stress management program can be streamlined for ease of access and use. Such a program, Stress Intelligence™ training is just an app away.

Don’t get me wrong, anything this powerful is knowledge-based learning and, if you put in the effort to gain the knowledge, you will reap lifelong benefits!

Ritemind Stress Less Workshops is here to offer stress management training that is accessible to everyone. Yes, there is a better life for the taking.

Why not just go ahead and take it!

Take Your Head Trash To the Curb!

Take Your Head Trash To the Curb!

Garbage Eve

Every Wednesday night at about 9pm, I remind my sweetie to take the trash out. It goes something like this…

Me: It’s garbage eve.

Sweetie: Oh, yeah, I gotta take the trash out, ugggggh.

Home Trash

All week, we gather containers of unwanted debris we call trash, we use the good stuff like the banana not the peel, or the milk not the carton, all of the remaining is unnecessary fodder. Unless we want to be featured on the TV show hoarders we must remove all of this collected debris, take it to the curb for removal so we can keep our lives running smoothly.

Head Trash

When it comes to our daily thinking we need to have a similar system. There is a thing called head trash that gets in our way of keeping things clean and clear for living our lives fully. Head trash can be described as thoughts that are not useful to fully living, like that banana peel or the empty milk carton needs to get kicked to the curb once a week. If we hoard those head trash thoughts we end up with a smelly mess that won’t stop stinking.

What if you were to have a head-trash garbage eve? A regular ritual of bagging it up and taking it to the curb.

How to get rid of your head trash is only one of the tools we use at Stress Less Workshops to teach people just like you how to manage their stress. I invite you to try our programs and see what stress management can do for you. – Katie Hoffman

Stress Is Your Choice – Learn How To Manage Stress in a Healthy Way

Stress Is Your Choice – Learn How To Manage Stress in a Healthy Way

I’m a Stress Management Teacher

I bet you never get stressed! That’s the response I usually get a lot when I tell people that I teach stress management strategies to individuals and organizations. But, guess what; I do get stressed and you will to, and for the remainder of our days. The difference in how I experience my stress today, as opposed to 10 years ago, is night and day. Let me briefly explain the difference.

Stress Is Your Choice

What I understand today about stress is that it simply does not matter what the stressors are; barking dog, late bills, infertility, or job loss. What does matter, is how we as humans process the experiences we have. If you are like me before I learned this “stuff”, we shrug off this fanciful concept that we “choose” to be stressed out. It really is kind of hard to see how we can get hijacked by stress and that being stressed, or not, can actually be our choice! Today, gratefully, I do know better.

Learn How to Manage Your Stress in a Healthy Way

The ability to manage stress, comes first from understanding the mechanics of how our mind-body connection acts to create stress due to stressors or “triggers”. Once we learn how this neuro-scientific process works, we can use some really great tools to navigate our reactions. Thus, preserving our sense of self, and limiting the damage to ourselves and to those who are in our lives. Still sound fanciful? Managing stress is easy; I do it every day and all day. AND I do experience stress in a much healthier way.

“You can’t stop the waves from coming but can learn to surf”. –Jon-Kabat Zinn

Stress Less Workshops Teach Life Skills That Can be Used to Reduce Stress

The purpose of Stress Less Workshops is to teach a set of Life Skills that can be used to reduce stress and build confidence in individuals, groups, and organizations!  We are dedicated to providing the community with training, in Life Skills, that, when used appropriately, will allow people to better manage their lives. The format used in teaching Stress Less Workshops, called “Experiential Learning” (Kolb), was designed for fast learning and high retention! “Experiential Learning” (Kolb) is the secret to the success of Stress Less Workshops because it results in both a rapid learning pace and a high retention rate. The Stress Less Workshops program is delivered through once a week, one hour at a time, sessions with Katie Hoffman.  The program lasts for four weeks with time to reflect upon, internalize, and sustain the knowledge learned.

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