How to Manage School Stress

How to Manage School Stress

As students we hate be be stressed to the point of it being a factor in our academic success. As parents of students, we hate to see our children suffer in any form. As for the near-adult student, learning Life Skills to manage life’s stressors, is of the utmost importance and Stress Less Workshops can help! See how Stress Less Workshops helped a college student name Robert…

Stressed With the Demands of College

I met young Ivy League college Sophomore named Robert, by an introduction from his parents. Robert was always a bit of an anxious student and the demands of college life was proving to be too much for him to handle well. With a lot of effort on his part, he was a 4.0 student although the demands and academic competition that were part of daily life at school kept him up at night worrying, straining his friendships by studying excessively and cutting back on healthy things like eating well, participating in sports and running. He was becoming a desk student with no sleep and a mounting stressful existence he could not seem to shake.

Introducing Stress Less Workshops

I met with Robert and talked about his student life and set him up for one-on-one coaching. In the first 6 weeks of training Robert worked hard on his Stress Less Workshops training, he had developed new skills that helped him put his life in perspective. Robert particularly liked the mindfulness practices and mind-mapping tools.

Academic Success

2 years later he is taking the competitive academic world by storm, he knows his limits, has a solid Stress Less Workshops practice and has a promising career in the financial field.

The Process

Discovery – The first step to working with college students to reduce their stress for upcoming semesters is to figure out their stress tolerances. Discovering what a student’s triggers are, look at their stress vulnerability factors, and going over their stress response tendencies. Stress Management Plan –  After the Student and I know their “stress story,” we can work to devise a stress management plan to his liking. A lot of the time, the first step to managing academic stress is to fully understand where it comes from, get acquainted with its source, and behavior, then establish a doable plan that he will buy into.

This new way of relating to the same old situations and conversations along with mind mapping, breathing techniques, and thought labeling are what is taught in Stress Less Workshops. Stress Less Workshops teach life skills that are designed to change your life!