Stress, Creativity & Business Success

Stress, Creativity & Business Success

In reality, the mind does its best work while thinking or focusing on one thing at a time. At one time in my life, I prided myself on the multitasking I could perform. Burnout ensued and I came to understand the saying “Jack of all trades and master of none”.

Focusing is Proven to Increase Productivity

The leadership of most successful companies know that helping their teams to focus will be their best role in helping their teams to solve urgent creative problems. These leadership teams make sure to protect their teams from other agendas and don’t allow their teams to be bogged down in the day-to-day minutia that can distract them from their main mission.

When the team feels they are on a mission and have the support of their leadership, great things happen and problems get solved! Have managers check in with their teams to ask them what they need or what they can get them to help them towards their mission to solve a major problem is all it takes sometimes get teams to work at their very best. 

See below what Teresa Amabile, Professor of Business Administration in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business, says about how individual and collective focus plays a key role in creative problem solving.