Quit Saying You’re Too Busy!

Quit Saying You’re Too Busy!

Busy Isn’t Respectable Anymore

Ty Ward recently published this fantastic article: Busy Isn’t Respectable Anymore.

From the article…

“We decided to never use the phrase BUSY as an answer for an entire year and to see if there were any changes in attitude and/or behavior. Ours. Theirs. We noticed alright. Instantly. We were forced to describe our own situations with more clarity, and without our best friend ‘busy’ to blame, we engaged with people more authentically. As we did, we noticed the general depth of conversations increase as we and those we were sharing with, were invited to communicate differently about our actual states of being.”

Saying You Are Too Busy:

  • As it turns out, always being busy isn’t a virtue, nor is it something to respect anymore.
  • It can actually be a sign of an inability to manage our lives well
  • It can be indicative of a lack of confidence and self-worth.
  • Busyness actually restricts professional performance and limits mental capacity.
  • Busy often keeps us from the finer things in life.
  • Busy, it would seem, is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ending the Cycle

It seems clear that it is our attitude about being busy that determines the effect it has on our lives. If this is the case, we can choose to not fall into the trap of “busy”.

I challenge you to try removing “busy” as an excuse in your life, and see how it changes your relationships!