Anger Management – How to Have a Choice

Anger Management – How to Have a Choice

Are You an Angry Person?

To some people, keeping anger in check may seem to be an impossible task, especially in “the moment”. The perceived violation of your basic boundaries may trigger your anger response, and may seem enough to warrant bringing out “The Big Guns” to make your point. Aggressively!

Recognizing the Moment Right Before You Get Angry

Once the dust settles, and if you can think back to the moment right BEFORE you flip into anger mode, you can learn to recognize that feeling or sensation rising up within you. That, rising up point, is when you can take a moment, take a few breaths, and know that you can make a better choice next time. Anger in itself is not bad; it’s what you do with it or how you choose to express it that counts.

Your Behavior is Your Choice

Your reaction to anger, and behavior that follows that reaction, is a choice; your choice. It may even be an ingrained habit. Back to that moment I mentioned earlier; taking a breath. Your habit may be to “let ‘er rip” as soon as your anger is triggered. You may have found that you feel most powerful by pulling the anger card whenever you are in a threatened state. In reality, that instant anger chips away at your self-esteem every time it happens; not to mention what happens to recipient of that wielded anger.

Have you ever seen anger listed as a leadership trait? A trait to that is to be admired or developed? Nah, probably not.

Anger Management through Stress Management

Empowering you to stop that knee-jerk reaction to life is what Stress Less Workshops is all about. We help you get to the thoughts behind your reactions and enable you to make an appropriate choice about your behavior. Simple? NO! Can you accomplish it? YES! Will it be effective? YES! Try our program today to help you manage your anger.