Bad Habits Affect Your Life

Bad habits can be irritating to us or others, but they can also be stressful. Many bad habits can interfere with physical health, emotional well being and mental alertness. To be at your best, to combat the stressors that are with you daily, you must get a grip on your bad habits; they are the stressors that just aren’t necessary!

Direct Bad Habits

You know things like… smoking, overeating, one too many glasses of wine at happy hour. When we put strain on our mind and body directly by these habits your stress level will increase.

Indirect Bad Habits

Hating yourself for smoking those cancer sticks, having that hangover, or thinking about what you may have said at that late happy hour, can add to your frustration and low self-esteem in your life the next day or beyond. Indirectly, your bad habit is causing your mind and body stress.

Combination of Bad Habits

A bad habit is a habit that makes you less healthy or less happy. Let’s take smoking. The act of smoking, the ill physical feeling you get from smoking including the rush, the inability to quit (again) and the regret of starting another day with a new pack is stressful. In truth, the habit controls you and that lowers your self esteem, and being in that endless situation, causes stress.

What bad habits are you aware of that could go?

If you think you don’t have any, ask a friend to remind you of them! There are many ways to take on habit breaking; smoke cessation clinics, wellness coaches, 12-step groups, really any support you can find. Managing your stress first can clear your mind to tackle the habits you would like to break

You can do it!

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