Are your employees feeling overwhelmed?
Are relations between people strained?
Do you feel down about yourself or crushed by too much on your plate?

Stress Less Workshops is a wellness based stress reduction program designed for organizations and individuals to help everyone manage stress successfully. You’ll increase your focus, clarity and improve your ability to work under pressure. Our proven techniques will change your work life and personal life for the better!

Did You Know?


77% of people regularly encounter PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS caused by stress.*


52% of U.S. workers ADMIT TO CALLING IN SICK because of stress.*


48% reported LYING AWAKE AT NIGHT due to stress.*


46% of workers who report that they are stressed incur HEALTH CARE COSTS that are HIGHER than for non-stressed employees.*

* According to the Business Insider: Stress in the Workplace and How It’s “reshaping” America.

Change your Life. Change the Way you Think.

Learn our proven, scientifically based intellectual tools so you can use your mind to change your mind. Switch from your default mindset to your executive mindset. Discover how to quiet negative or unsettling thoughts. Simply put, no matter how crazy your world is, learn the secret to living in a calmer, more relaxed state.

Transformational benefits beyond Stress Relief.

We are a small art studio that had four assistants, one was very toxic and we were having a hard time dealing with the continuing attitude problems and decreasing morale.

Stress Less Workshops showed us how to plan our steps so that we would be able to see through the drama and be able to focus on our business.

The program also showed us how to logically control the situation and reduce our stress.

John & Debbie B.

Co-Owners, Art Studio

As a real estate professional in a fast paced market, the stress levels of the job can be overwhelming at times. I learned about Stress Less Workshops by word of mouth through another agent in our market. After enrolling in the course, I gained a key awareness of how my stress system worked and what was going on in my life that activated my stress system. Now, even months after completing the program, I still use what I have learned to keep my stress level low when a trigger arises.

Aaron S.


I had been experiencing debilitating stress for years. It was effecting my relationships with my co-workers and even my relationship with myself. I went through the online program and it really rocked my world.

I am happy to report that I am sleeping better, I am calmer on a consistent basis, and people are commenting on how my demeanor has changed. And it has!

I am most grateful to know that I am not nuts, and that I’m not alone.

Cathy W.

Manager, Martial Arts School

Our Unique Programs

Our step-by-step programs were developed using a combination of neuroscience, cutting edge psychology and awareness therapies. Our programs are a fast track to emotional health.

It is so successful, 100% of our Certified Trainers originated from experiencing success at Stress Less Workshops as clients. We don’t simply “sell” this program. We live it. And… we take great joy in sharing these techniques that improve life.

…refined, tested and measured by over 500 subjects.

Stress Less Workshops Corporate Clients

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